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Abusive Relationships
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Abusive Relationships
How Poor Communication Wrecks Relationships
By shalldor | | 3 Comments |
The way we communicate creates or breaks a relationship. Whether it fosters connection or fosters distance. It is easy to become caught in communication habits in our love relationships that destroy and weaken them over time. 84 percent of my previous 44 inquiries mentioned communication as a problem or were in a crisis situation when communication was inevitably compromised.
‘No Blame’ Divorce Changes
By shalldor | | 0 Comments |
I am pleased to learn that new divorce regulations, as detailed by the BBC, will make 'no fault' divorce simpler and faster. Some of the males I deal with are unable to transition to a new phase of their relationship and wish or need to divorce. The existing structure encourages a "blame game," which is counterproductive and increases acrimony.